Introducing the Top tokenholders dataset!

New datasets

The Top tokenholders dataset displays the top 200 governance tokenholders for projects listed on Token Terminal.

  • Assess project ownership and control. The dataset offers a detailed breakdown of ownership percentages of a project's governance token by address.
  • Understand total supply distribution. For many projects, a significant portion of the total supply is non-circulating. By monitoring the balance changes in addresses considered to be part of the locked supply, investors can identify sources of new circulating tokens.
  • Analyze major tokenholder activity. An in-depth review shows that SushiSwap's largest tokenholder, the xSUSHI staking contract, experienced a 5.7% reduction in its SUSHI token balance over the past 7 days.

New listings

Dopex – a non-custodial exchange for options contracts built on Arbitrum.