zkSync Era is now live on Token Terminal!

New listings

zkSync Era – a blockchain (L2) that scales Ethereum using zero-knowledge technology. zkSync Era batches users’ transactions and submits them to Ethereum, paying a share of the transaction fees to Ethereum validators. You can access the data across all our products: Terminal (Pro), Terminal API, and Data Room.

Blast – a Paradigm backed yield aggregator with plans to become an Ethereum L2.

Camelot – a non-custodial exchange protocol built on Arbitrum.

Pyth – a decentralized oracle network, that recently launched the $PYTH token. You can now follow the price and developer activity on Token Terminal!

Lybra Finance – a stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum.

New metrics

Trade count: shows the amount of distinct trades made on an exchange.

Tradeable pairs: Shows the number of unique trading pairs deployed by the exchange’s users.

Tradeable assets: Shows the number of unique tokens available for trading in the
exchange’s trading pairs.

Liquidity turnover: Calculated by dividing the trading volume of a DEX with its total value locked (liquidity).

Smart contract labels

Labels make it easier for analysts to understand which market sectors, projects, and contracts drive usage on a blockchain.

zkSync Era labels

  • 800+ new labels
  • 50+ new projects labelled

Ethereum labels

  • 90+ new labels