Weekly fundamentals - Manta Pacific is now live on Token Terminal!

New listings

Manta Pacific – a blockchain (L2) platform for decentralized applications on Ethereum. You can access the data across all our products: Terminal (Pro), Terminal API, and Data Room.

deBridge – an interoperability protocol that allows for decentralized transfers of data and assets between blockchains.

Fraxlend – a non-custodial lending protocol built on Ethereum.

Pendle – a permissionless yield-trading protocol built on Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Optimism.

Silo – a non-custodial lending protocol built on Ethereum and other blockchains.

New datasets

Trending wallets: displays key data on the wallets which contribute the most to the networks’ current usage, tracking over ten different metrics for each wallet. The data set is filtered by the top 1000 wallets that have spent the most gas over a 30-day period across various chains.

Smart contract labels

Labels make it easier for analysts to understand which market sectors, projects, and contracts drive usage on a blockchain.

Manta Pacific: 1200+ new labels
Avalanche: 470+ new labels
Arbitrum: 340+ new labels
Ethereum: 40+ new labels

Explore trending contracts: https://tokenterminal.com/terminal/contracts/trending