What is Token Terminal?

Token Terminal is a platform that provides traditional financial and business metrics on cryptoassets. We believe that blockchain and dapps share many conceptual similarities with traditional marketplace companies. They are internet-native marketplaces that offer digital services, which generate cash flows or revenues to their supply-side participants and owners (tokenholders).

How can a cryptocurrencies and tokens have revenues?

Both blockchains and dapps charge fees. These fees can be paid as, for example, transaction fees, trading fees, or interest payments. The fees paid by users are split between the projects’ supply-side participants (for example, liquidity providers) and owners (tokenholders).

What are the requirements for getting listed on Token Terminal?

In general, we want projects listed on Token Terminal to:
  • have actual usage
  • be developed actively by a team or community with a long-term mindset
  • be recognized for having secure development processes in place
  • have a sensible token model and sufficient documentation
  • provide a reliable end-point for extracting the business and governance data

How can I contact Token Terminal?

You can contact us at [email protected] or directly on Twitter.