User guide
How to make the most out of the metrics available in the Terminal.

Key metrics charts

The key metric chart provides a tool to look at one metric, or compare two metrics, over a certain time period. By comparing two different metrics you can understand the dynamics and relationship of KPIs, and how these might affect the valuation of a blockchain or dapp.

Revenue share charts

The revenue share charts provide deeper insight into how much of the total revenue from fees and/or interest payments are currently distributed to the protocol (tokenholders). In some instances, the total revenue is directed to the supply-side participants only, as is currently the case with projects like Uniswap and Ethereum, where the supply-side participants (liquidity providers and miners, respectively) earn all of the revenue generated.

Composition charts

The composition charts reveal the underlying dynamics of a project's business. For TVL; which lending markets or trading pools count for the majority of value deposited into a project’s smart contracts? For borrowing or trading volume; which lending markets or trading pools are most used? For revenue, which lending markets or trading pools generate the most fees?

Competitive landscape charts

The competitive landscape charts provide a tool to compare a project to its competitors, or any blockchain or dapp. Choose one metric and the projects you want to compare.
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