Custom charts

Users on the Token Terminal Pro plan can create custom charts by clicking the button Create your own charts in the bottom left corner of the terminal website. The screenshot below shows an example of a custom chart visualizing the fees of Aave and Compound, two major lending protocols.
The buttons in the top left corner allow you to add more projects and metrics to the custom chart. The number of metrics that can be simultaneously shown is limited to two but the number of projects is unlimited. The chart type drop-down menu allows you to choose the style of the chart out of three options: line chart, bar chart, or area chart. You can define whether to show data stacked or unstacked. Note that only bar and area charts can be stacked. You can save the custom chart to your favorites by clicking the star icon and providing a name for the chart. The shown data can be downloaded as a csv file by clicking the Download button in the bottom left corner.