Data tables

Data tables show our up-to-date data in a numerical format organized into a table with one row per project and one column per metric. You can find the data table at the bottom of the Terminal.
To get access to historical data, check out our API!
At the very bottom of each table, there is a Download button that enables users on the Token Terminal Pro plan to download the data. By default, the data table contains all the listed projects and is sorted by monthly total revenue. The table can be sorted according to other metrics by clicking the column headers. The data table can be filtered to show only blockchains, dapps, or your favorites by clicking the buttons in the top left corner. The buttons in the top right corner let you sort the data table according to different metrics and see how the chosen metrics have changed over time.

Custom tables

You can create your custom tables by clicking Customize table. Simply choose the metrics you want to see in the table and click Save to be shown the custom table, or click Save to favorites to save the custom table to your favorites under a name of your choice.

Master sheets

Users on the Token Terminal Pro plan can download our master sheet that contains the current values of all of our metrics for all listed projects by clicking the Master sheet link on their account page.