Token Terminal is a platform that aggregates financial data on blockchains and decentralized applications (dapps) that run on blockhains.
We believe that both blockchains and dapps are conceptually similar to traditional marketplace companies. They are internet-native businesses whose services generate fees that is split between the projects’ supply-side participants and owners. These businesses are owned and operated by their tokenholders, similar to how companies are owned and operated by their shareholders.
This is why we want to measure and evaluate the performance of blockchains and dapps using financial key performance indicators and correct the misunderstanding—where applicable—of crypto being all about currencies. An increasing amount of blockchains and dapps can be valued by measuring their usage and cash flows.
Our aim is to provide access to reliable and standardized metrics that enable our users to easily quantify and compare the performance of blockchains and dapps.
In this documentation, you’ll find everything you need to know to use Token Terminal. If any of the terms or abbreviations used are not clear to you, remember to check out the Glossary page!
Last modified 7mo ago