Data sets

Trending contracts

Link to Trending contracts dashboard

Understand which market sectors, projects, and contracts drive usage on a blockchain.

Column nameDescription
#A contract’s rank in the data table.
ChainChain that the contract is deployed on.
Contract nameName of the project and contract.
ProjectName of the project that the contract belongs to.
Market sectorMarket sector of the project that the contract belongs to.
AddressAddress of the contract onchain.
Account ageTime from when the contract was deployed.
Most emitted eventMost frequently emitted event of the contract.
Gas usedGas used by the contract.
% of gas marketThe contract’s % share of all gas consumed on the chain.
TransactionsNumber of transactions sent to the contract.
Avg gas per txAvg gas cost per transaction for the contract.
Active usersNumber of unique addresses sending transactions to the contract.
InflowsInflows of assets to the contract.
OutflowsOutflows of assets from the contract.
Net flowsNet flows of assets (sent to and withdrawn from) to the contract.

Crypto screener

Link to crypto screener

Includes all metrics as described under Metrics

Insider transactions

Link to Insider transactions dashboard

Last week‘s top 1,000 insider transactions based on transaction value. An insider is defined as a top 100 holder of a project‘s governance token.

Column nameDescription
ProjectName of the project.
TokenToken symbol.
Time stampTime for when the token transfer or DEX trade took place.
QuantityHow many tokens were bought or sold.
USD valueDollar value of the tokens that were bought or sold.
USD flowDirectional dollar value of the tokens that were bought or sold.
Action typeBuy or sell.
Transaction typeToken transfer (proxy for a sell/buy) or a DEX trade
DEXWhich onchain trading venue the DEX trade took place on.
From addressInsider address.
To addressInsider address.
Transaction hashBlock explorer link.


Link to Stablecoins dashboard

Key stablecoin statistics across all major blockchains.

Column nameDescription
#A stablecoin’s rank in the data table.
ChainChain which the stablecoin is issued on.
IssuerName of the entity that issued the stablecoin.
StablecoinName of the stablecoin.
TickerTicker symbol for the stablecoin.
Outstanding supplyMarket capitalization of the stablecoin.
TokenholdersNumber of holders of the stablecoin.
Transfer volumeN/A
Transfer valueUSD value of stablecoin transfers.
Transaction countNumber of onchain transfers for the stablecoin.
USD valueCurrent market value of the stablecoin.
PEGThe stablecoin’s peg.
% off pegThe stablecoin’s deviation from its peg.
AddressThe stablecoin contract’s onchain address.


Link to Fundraises dashboard

Key statistics for recent financing rounds in the crypto space.

Column nameDescription
ProjectName of the entity that raised funding.
Round typeInformation about the stage of the funding round, e.g. Seed or Series A.
Round dateAnnouncement date for the funding round, usually after the completion of the raise.
Round valueInformation about how much was raised in total.
Project main categoryInformation about the primary category of the project.
Project add. categoriesInformation about the secondary categories of the project.
Lead investorsName of the fund (or funds) that led the funding round.
InvestorsNames of other investors that participated on the funding round.
DescriptionAn overview of the project.
SourceURL for funding round announcement.
WebsiteThe project’s website.
TwitterThe project’s X/Twitter account.

Cohort analysis

Link to Cohort analysis dashboard

Retention rate for monthly active user (MAU) cohorts. MAUs are defined as users that transact with a project's business relevant smart contracts.

Column nameDescription
CohortShows which month is tracked, e.g. March 2022.
Initial cohort size Shows how many new users made a fee or revenue-generating transaction during that month, e.g. 685.
Month 0Includes the entire initial cohort size, e.g. 685.
Month 1Shows what % of the initial cohort (685) made a fee or revenue-generating transaction during the following month.
Month 2Shows what % of the initial cohort size (685) made a fee or revenue-generating transaction two months from first using the protocol.
Month 3See Month 2 above.