About Token Terminal

The most comprehensive and high-quality data set in crypto.

Token Terminal is a full stack onchain data platform focused on standardizing financial and alternative data for the most widely used blockchains and decentralized applications.

We believe that both blockchains and decentralized applications are conceptually similar to traditional marketplace businesses.

On Token Terminal, we measure and evaluate the performance of blockchains and decentralized applications using traditional financial key performance indicators. Our hope is to correct the misunderstanding, where applicable, that crypto is all about currencies.

An increasing number of projects in crypto can be valued based on fundamental metrics, such as usage, revenue and earnings. In this documentation, you’ll find everything you need to know about our methodology and data.

Our data pipeline

We manage a best-in-class, multi-chain crypto data warehouse that helps your organization to focus on research & analysis — and avoid resource-intensive data engineering.

Our software indexes and extracts all raw smart contract events and function calls from blockchains to our internal database. Our researchers use SQL to transform the data into standardized and comparable business metrics. Our data can be consumed in various ways – directly through our platform (CSV downloads) or our API.

Extract & Load
We operate a dedicated node infrastructure to reliably extract raw data from public blockchains.

We leverage a powerful data warehouse to decode and standardize the raw data to comparable metrics.

We serve the standardized data to our customers through our web application and API.

Please note that we use certain third party APIs for data that we have not been able to extract from, or is not available on, open blockchains. We are constantly building our data infrastructure to support all leading smart contract ecosystems.

Our mission

Our mission is to:

Establish the industry standard for blockchain data

  • Accounting standards: We take a standardized approach to data in an industry with an open design space.
  • Disclosure best practices: We work in close collaboration with project teams to establish best practices for insider and other DAO governance-related disclosures.
  • Due diligence tooling: We’re building the most sophisticated data analytics platform in the crypto market.

Provide and maintain a full stack onchain data platform

  • Data quality: We maintain a best-in-class data supply chain that extracts, cleans, decodes, transforms, serves, and monitors onchain data.
  • Data granularity: We operate with transaction-level data, without any third-party dependencies or APIs.
  • Data accuracy: We take pride in our vertically integrated data supply chain, which enables complete and fast auditability of all metrics.

Offer onchain data you can trust and act on

  • Institutional investors: We’re proud to have the world’s leading investment firms as our customers.
  • Retail investors: We want to empower anyone who is interested in investing in crypto with institutional-grade analytics tools.
  • Informed decision-making: We work hard to provide our customers with access to accurate and up-to-date data that can be relied upon in high stakes decision-making.