Raw and decoded onchain data from 16 chains, accessible via Google BigQuery

Institutional-grade offering

The Data Room caters to the most demanding customers and data analytics use cases. It is primarily leveraged by technical teams that in their work need to go beyond the standardized data sets.

Unmatched data quality, granularity, and auditability

The Data Room is organized into blockchain and contract-level data on a block and transaction-level granularity. The blockchain-level data provides a “chain-first” access pattern, whereas the contract-level data provides a “project-first” access pattern to the data.

Performant and cost-optimized queries

The Data Room is optimized for analyzing large volumes of data within seconds. It is intended to eliminate the need for a dedicated data engineering team on the customers’ side. Customers of the Data Room can access the data using pre-built, cost and performance-optimized queries.